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Click on the menu item “Register” and provide your details (first name, last name, username, and password chosen by you). Read and accept our Privacy Policy for the personal data treatment. Finally, click on “Register” and wait for the confirmation email that you will receive at your given address. You can also choose to register using the same credentials you already use on Facebook and Google. If you are registering to publish your property on Espresso Vacanze, choose the “Host” account. If you are registering to start booking, choose the ‘Guest’ account.

Click on the menu item “Login” and enter the credentials you confirmed during registration. You can also choose to log-in using the same credentials you already use on Facebook and Google.

You can change your account details at any time by accessing your private area with your own personal credentials. Click on the “Profile” section and update your information as you wish.

Yes, you can delete your account at any time by logging into your member area with your own personal credentials. Click on the “Profile” section and scroll down the page to “Delete Account“. Finally, click on “Delete my account“.

Yes, you can. Click on “Sign in” and then on “Lost your password?“. Enter your username or the e-mail address linked to your account, and you will receive an e-mail to set a new password.

Ad creation

In order to create an Ad, you must have registered, purchased one of the available plans and collected all the relevant information to describe your property. It is essential that you have at hand the CIS number (Structure Identification Code) and at least one representative picture of the property.

Yes, in order to place an ad, you must be registered and purchase one of the available plans.

The available plans differ according to the number of properties for which you intend to place the ad, i.e., 12 months for a single property or 12 months for all the properties you wish to promote. The included services are the same for all plans.

You can pay via PayPal either by credit card or by linked account. Transactions are safe and secure. Espresso Vacanze does not record any information.

No, there are absolutely no fees. This is the advantage of using Espresso Vacanze!

Yes, an invoice will be issued for each payment and uploaded directly into your reserved area. From here, if you need it, you may download it in pdf format.

In order to proceed with the publication of your ad, you must insert at least 1  image. In total, you can upload up to 10 images (better if divided between photos of the interior and the exterior of the property) and choose one of those as the cover image for your ad (by clicking on the star icon).

The CIS is the Structure Identification Code that must be supplied by every non-hotel accommodation since 1st July 2020. The CIS Code includes the properties in the Regional Register of non-hotel facilities. Regional Law 57/2018 obliges all recipients to include the CIS in all written or printed or digital media used for the purpose of advertising, promoting, or marketing the accommodation offer. Non-hotel accommodation which, as of 1st July 2020, does not comply correctly or which contravenes the obligation to display the CIS or which display it incorrectly or misleadingly, shall be subject to a financial penalty.

No, you do not need your personal documents. We will only need your general information to issue invoices and update your profile.

No, through Espresso Vacanze you can receive endless contacts from potential guests from all over the world!

We are available to support you at any time. You can fill in the form on the site or write to


Ad management

Of course! You can change your information at any time by logging into the portal with your personal credentials. Click on the Structures section, where you will find the reference of your property already published and choose “Edit” from the actions available. From the menu on the left you can go through the sections that make up your advertisement and intervene where you consider it worthwhile.

If you do not renew your publication plan, your advertisement will no longer be visible on our portal and, therefore, potential guests won’t find your property among the various options. However, your account will remain valid.

Yes, with your personal credentials you can access your personal area through any device with an Internet connection.

Potential guests will contact you by e-mail or telephone and you will manage their bookings privately.

Of course, you can! Once your chosen plan has expired, you can renew it by purchasing the one you consider most appropriate.

Yes! In your private area, the Statistics section is constantly updated with data on the number of views, the country of origin, the device and the browser used. This information can be useful for implementing and coordinating your visibility strategy. 

Absolutely, yes! In fact, you can encourage guests to leave a review on our website in order to stimulate the interest of other users and testify the reliability of your advertisement.

No, you cannot delete negative reviews because each guest should be free to express its own opinion. If, however, you feel that the review contains offensive or blatantly false content, please contact us and we will assess the situation together.

No, it is not possible to reply to reviews.

No, it is not possible to choose which reviews to publish to ensure maximum transparency for users.


There is no mandatory information to be given to the guests of your facility, but it is good that you define a safe reception procedure for your customers, given the particular situation related to the Covid-19 health emergency.

Use the Description or Conditions space to let your potential guests know how you are organised to offer a safe accommodation experience (e.g., whether and how often rooms are sanitized, whether spaces are sufficiently ventilated, whether sanitisation products are available).

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